Our Services

As part of an animals & pets retailer, our company is fully committed to provide a wide range of services for products manufactures or brand owners related to domestic animals such as cats, dogs, small animals or goats, sheep, cows and other large animals that can be found on the farms of our clients. Whether they are part of household for companionship or as “working” members of the farm, Our company can make sure all of your animals products will reach their objective.

Safely Products storage

We had more than enough space for products warehousing. Our warehouse installed with 24hrs CCTV monitoring and all safety required. You may able to monitor via internet anytime.

Products distribution

We capable to distribute to Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) via our logistic partnership with AFDROPBOX Services & Ninja Van. We working closely with them on daily basis.

Products Marketing

We will help you by market your products via our online establishment and our strong connections with local peoples. Satisfaction Guarantee!

Photo Gallery

Baeleaf had a reputation for selling animals supplies on online shop especially for pet products, and we, at Baeleaf want to change that by introducing more variety new line of products covering all domestic (Pet Supplies) and commercial animals (Farm Feed Supplies)

By collaborating with different kind of manufacturers and suppliers, We will distribute their products on online and offline store to meet market demand. Our location also encourage us to include farm feed products in our product line.

To Launch new line of products and services, we need to create real advantage by selecting the best suppliers and utilizing effective relationship to capitalize on their full potential. Below is our long term objective:

  • Increased innovation – suppliers can partner on new technologies and help mitigate risks

  • Decreased long-term costs – from both the effort required to source and the price paid

  • More efficient P2P – particularly in AP where processes are smoother (invoice matching, etc.) and inventory management where mutually beneficial collaborations exist (e.g., VMI or JIT can reduce inventory for both parties

  • Improved consistency in quality and better availability of supply –requirements are better understood and both sides are willing to invest in the strategic partnership

  • Enhanced leverage of supply chain staff – these companies can spend their time focusing on strategic priorities instead of adversarial checks and balances

Collaborate with us and tap into our expertise.