Our Story

Our name was inspired by the nature-plant names, “Bayleaf,” evoking the tradition of an aromatic leaf commonly used by humans & animals.

Over the years, we found that most local retail stores have become a critical link between cutting-edge pet products and pet parents. 

As fellow animal owners ourselves, we understand the need to outperform other segments of the industry like regional grocery and multi-outlet stores. With pet ownership at an all-time high, we see more consumers seek for high quality personalized experiences. Therefore,  we are dedicated to connect people with limitless access to affordable and high quality products. We aim to do so in a responsible and sustainable way. 

Our goal is to drive the animals and pets industry’s growth as well as significant improvements in animal wellbeing through partnership with specialist pet and animals product manufacturers and distributors, of which their products are ensured freshness and best quality. 

We are passionate about making a positive difference in the way we conduct our business. We are conscious about our own social and environmental impacts and we are careful about making business decisions that affect the people and our community.

We also recognize our unique position in the market to might be influence the industry to operate in a more sustainable way.

Mission & Vision


To inspire and encourage ways to improve the connections across the global animals’ market to help the local owners thrive. We are a purpose – driven company that strives to provide high standard of products and excellent services at a more affordable price, without compromising the quality. We link farmers and customers with sustainable solutions. Furthermore, we craft our products and services to suit customers from all backgrounds as we wish to bring endless happiness to everyone.


1. We live honestly, open and without fear.

2. Our Clients and Customers are the key to Our Success.

3. We are not only a Business, Our Movement outlasts and fads.

4. We are curious, vigilant, expert in our field, cost- driven, and aware of the need to have loyalty in business relationship.

5. Quality is our Non-Compromising obligation.

Company Certificate & Achievement

Meet The Team

Operation Manager

Nadia Ezana

As Founder and Baeleaf Operation Manager, Nadia’s role is that of a mutt – a little bit of everything – communications, customer service, sales and marketing, operation too. Nadia enjoys working with our customers and vendors to improve all aspects of their life and business. Her warm and inviting personality shines through to everyone that she meets, whether on the phone on in-person. Please contact Nadia to see what she can do for you.

E-Mail : nadiaezana@thebaeleaf.com 

Phone: +60133006561

Business Manager

Muhammad Ibnu Sina

As Business Manager and Sharing passion as an animal lover and entrepreneur, Ibnu Sina focused on driving sales and solutions for Baeleaf suppliers, retailers and partners. Joined the partnership to estabalish Baeleaf with an experience in information technology and business management. He also seeks out new partnerships and growth initiatives, Contact him to discuss opportunities

E-Mail : ibnusina@thebaeleaf.com 

Phone: +60199993644 

Our Partners